Paleo Diet (a.a MY body is yearning for a bloody bread roll diet)

This year marked the start of a few changes for me. I set 3 news years resolutions on 1st January and I managed to stick to a solid one of those which beats my previous success rates from prior years. So overall I'm pleased.

The resolutions I set were:
  • Get more organised- status? Not there yet. Still using my day to day diary as more of a doodle pad where biro drawings of Wentworth Miller clog all the writing space meaning that actual events I need to attend are totally disregarded.
  • Learn to drive- Unfortunately no I'm not yet racing around London in a pink lambo. Well probably fortunately for most of you as it means you can sleep peacefully safe in the knowledge I'm still just a regular pedestrian and not in charge of any engine operated vehicle.
  • Lose some ruddy weight- I'm pleased to say that I've shifted a nifty 1.5 stones since Christmas! To be fair it probably was all Christmas weight all solely consumed on 25th Dec. I'll literally never understand why I see Jesus' birthday as an excuse to leave my internal organs begging for mercy but that's just Christmas in all its bloated glory. Anyway. Yes I lost some weight and feel must better for it!
So yeah, 33.3% of my resolutions have been fulfilled.

I've done him no justice.

The funny thing is I've completely changed my food plan and I make all the effort to go to the gym as often as possible. The weight fell off by mid April and since then I haven't managed to shift one single measly pound. Not a pound I tell thee. Why? I don't know. Some say it's muscle gain but I'm a long shot from looking anything like everyone's fave gym meme man Arnie. Some say my body's reached a comfortable weight but I say I won't stop until I'm literally BeyoncĂ© in all her bikini glory.

At no point have I ever followed a diet. Well I attempted the 5.2 diet but decided that it was ludicrous when I couldn't calorifically afford to eat a banana on a '2' day. Not for me. I've just tried eating sensibly. If I wanted a sandwich for lunch I wouldn't have toast for breakfast. If I wanted a glass of wine of an evening, I wouldn't have 3 Big Macs for lunch, you know that sort of thing. This was up until I was talking to my Uncle recently who was telling me about the Paleo Diet. It's basically a really primal, cave man-esque way of viewing food.

ere's what the fellas over on Wikipedia say:
'The Paleolithic diet, also popularly referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet, is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals  It is based upon everyday, modern foods that mimic the food groups eaten during prehistoric times.'

So basically it's like eating all natural food, stuff that hasn't been overly processed or manufactured. So things like bread, pasta, rice, cous cous, cake, chips are totally out the picture I'm afraid. Basically think what cave men would eat and you've got it. Just this time you don't have to gather all your food like a scavenger. Well actually, that bit depends on the quality of your local ASDA.

Anyway I'm giving it a little go at the moment. I've nearly been doing it a week so far. I've been eating a shed load of fruit and vegetables, loads of fresh meat, salads, nuts and seeds. Can't tell you the sort of bread cravings I'm having. What unholy things I'd ruddy do for a sandwich. Unheard of. But, on the plus I've not felt bloated once, had a stomach ache nor have I felt low in energy. So Imma see how it goes and I'll be sure to keep updating on here how it's all going!

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